Heavy Gody(6.5mm Teal Green) / Light Body (4.2mm Yellow) / Crown & Bridge 1:1 Ratio (Blue) / Temporary Cement Short (Brown) / Temporary Cement Long (Brown) / Core Material (Brown)


 DX-Mixer : Mixing Tips for Dental Impression


DX-Mixer Mixing Tips have been launched!

Currently, we have 5 types : Heavy Gody (6.5mm Teal Green) / Light Body (4.2mm Yellow) / Temporary Cement Long (Brown) / Temporary Cement Short (Brown) / Core Material (Brown) . Our Mixing Tips are interchangeable with Mixpac mixing tips and bags indicate color codes to match different VPS consistencies (Same color code as Mixpac).


- 50 pcs per package

- High Quality made in South Korea HP MIxing Tips

- Other types are coming soon!